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2.1.2  SYMMETRY and ASYMMETRY or the peculiarities of Preservation processes

     "In view of the above reasonings the attempt is undertaken to produce evaluation and necessary definition to the modern understanding of Principles of  SYMMETRICAL and ASYMMETRICAL REFLECTION, since it is due to THESE PROCESSES the World Evolution is being implemented."

     "SYMMETRY (literate translated from Greek as "commensurated") - in a broad meaning invariability of a material object relatively to its transformation, i.e. changes of a number of physical conditions. SYMMETRY LIES IN THE BASE OF PRESERVATION PRINCIPLES "(S.E.D.).

     Let us take an Absolute (in Latin - unlimited) Ideal of physical reflection. It may be of two kinds - SYMMETRICAL - irreversible, similar to mirror, and ASYMMETRICAL - transforming as a magnifying lens. Then for a case of absolute idealization of the OVER-EMANATION process we shall have - for the first case - Complete absence of perception with the objects being "irradiated", i.e. Their firm rest which means "Death of Movement in the Objects"; and - in the second case - Complete self-destruction of the Impacts within the Object due to emergence of Anti-emanations causing "Death of Movement beyond the Objects".
     For the absolute idealization of the ABSORPTION principles from the point of SYMMETRY we have a Complete Exhaustion of Emanation Sources (due to Boundless Environment of their spreading), i.e. the OVER-EMANATION is absent and the area of impact of these Emanations is boundless. It leads to the "Death of Movement Sources"; while with ASYMMETRICAL Principle we deal with counter-phased revolution of the "emanating streams" with the same boundless sphere of their spreading, i.e. Complete identity of the Environment Objects, which would cause the "Death of Natural Movements Evolution".
     Such conditional ABSOLUTES put us face to face with the horrors of World Dooms Day. However, fortunately, they occur seldom within our Galaxy. That is why we came up to the necessity to find out about the DIMENSIONS of PREVAILING IMPACT of the GIVEN REFLECTION PRINCIPLES, i.e. in the intermediate phases of reflections' SYMMETRY. From the philosophical point of view these DIMENSIONS are regarded as special forms of objective "systems" organization. The "Functions and Structure" of these systems are defined by, respectively, PREVAILING SYMMETRY or ASYMMETRY within the processes of activities which unite them.
     The manner of perception of the major impacts of the Environment, determined by means of found correlation of a certain prevalence describes the System degree of development. Throughout the Natural Evolution a tendency is traced to preserve the Symmetry of  Objects' structure with stage-by-stage transfer of their active existence from the SYMMETRICAL functional principle to prevailing organizing role of the ASYMMETRICAL. The matters of impact of the various by phase orientation movements and their consequences for the life of the objects is beyond the purposes of this publication. However, connecting the above with Human cognition of the regularities of this world, we shall be able now to formulate

Conscious reproduction of the consistent chain of events of the ABSORBED and RE-EMANATED PARTS of impacting massive of EMANATIONS gives an ORIGINAL of genuine accessible data about the relevant Object which is limited by organic possibilities of the attempting person.

This Rule states that the simultaneous work of the both Principles of  STRUCTURAL SYMMETRY and FUNCTIONAL ASYMMETRY of the reflective abilities of human memory can and must take place within human organism. It is the aim pursued by the nature of our mind, since the conscious application of such a PROCESSING on old and new events will multiply enhance the human abilities to Cognate and to Create!

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