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2.1.3  MACROCOSMS and MICROCOSMS,  or Common Universal  Interdependence

     "Since the times of ancient Greek philosophy the word "COSMOS" has been used to define the Universe as an evolutionary organized integrity, as the top accessible level of summary knowledge of the powers of Natural Movements. It is Cosmos which defines the boundless borders of the modern Conscience in struggle with the growing Chaos of the Environment of existence of our mind. For the sake of such a great aim the Scientists of Anciently introduced such terms as MACROCOSMS (Large World in Greek) and MICROCOSMS (Small World). They, by contrast, represented the UNIVERSE and the HUMAN BEING, respectively."

     Of course, this idea attracts and now we are to remember the basis of nature development, the Principle of Evolutionising Reflection. Naturally, this Principle includes the energy and information exchange (receiving and transmitting) by means of which the Entropy of both internal and external links of the random reflection system within the object undergoes transformations. Referring to the Principle of Energy and Information Preservation, the first impact affecting the System (Primary Reflection) triggers an entire chain of transformations (Re-Reflections) under the SOURCE - CONSUMER scheme. The effects of the chain of these process change the dynamic conditions of System Objects' MEMORIES which is implemented via rearrangements in the organization of their existence.

     The Consistence of System "reincarnations" may develop in two global directions of their material condition:
either towards the increase of the volume of the Consumer of Information flows of Radiating Energy, i.e. the Phenomenon of Prevailing Absorption; or towards its decrease, i.e. the Phenomenon of Prevailing Re-Emanation.

     In the first case the objects of large dimensions meet difficulties in increase the regulatory status of the absorbed Entropy of systematic interaction which contributes to low levels of organization of their existence. These objects are very limited in quality (informativity) of their reflections, though are very powerful in quantity aspects and the ability to accumulate energetic features of the affecting Entropy. The stamina shown in absorption homogenous information with such objects strikes the human imagination. The MEMORY presence within the objects with GIVEN REFLECTIONS ORIENTATION leads to their bodies MACRIFICATION relatively to the process which, preserving the major features of the previous condition is unable to provide the systematic approach to perception the Emanations originating from another "unaccustomed" type of source. And the massive informational impact of the "alien" Energies leads the system of such a "Class" to Termination!

     At the second case, the restricted substantial composition of the Consumer leads to his MICRONIZATION, i.e. to the process which keeping the evolutionable Properties of Previous condition of the minor Bosses gives them greater chances to maintain useful interactivity with various systems of alien, relatively to them, data. Hence, the probability of their memory organization level improvement increases substantially. This postulate does not mean that the less an object is, the higher is the perfection degree of its reflections system. Here we only consider the possibilities to contact the emanations of various data contents, but with energetically suitable quantities since the energetically substantiated impacts of "alien" information leads the system of the GIVEN CLASS to destruction!

     From the above reasoning conclusion may be drawn that the DEGREE of ORGANIZATION of any Object or System of  Objects researched by Humanity DEPENDS on a GLOBAL ORIENTATION of the RESULTS of WORK of  PREVAILING PROCESSES WITHIN THEM as well, as on the SCOPE of ENERGETIC-INFORMATION INFLUENCE CAUSED by THEIR OWN ENTROPY. Hence, a few interesting Principles of "Evolutionary Life" of Nature may be derived:

- it is a definition of a RESULTING WAY of System's interactivities of random Objects with Natural Entropy of the Environment of their integral existence. It leads to Macrification or Micronization of the Energy-Information features of Memory of the relevant Objects.

- it is a SPHERE of INFLUENCE definition of Energy-Informational features of random Objects' memory within the natural entropy of the environment of their integral existence which either extends or reduces.

- when MACROCOSMS corresponds to the PERIODICALLY CHANGING SYSTEM of OBJECTS CONDITIONS with "minor" organization of evolutionary passed processes of Universe formation; and MICROCOSMS - STAGE-WISE DEVELOPING CONDITIONS OF the SYSTEM of OBJECTS with "major" organization of these processes. They are determined by a summary interaction of the System Objects by means of their ability to reflect stably the free indications of Entropic Environment of their Existence.

The FUNDAMENTAL REGULATING FACTORS of MICROCOSMS vital activities may be found in MACROCOSMS which is contributed by Common Evolution consistence of random Objects Memory development and is stiffly restricted in time by the values of their integral existence!

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