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2.1.6 "VIVID" and "DEAD" or major conditions in Nature

     In the previous Chapter 1.1 (See Fig. 2) dedicated to the Principle model of Memory, with human being taken as an example, we succeeded to specify SEVEN TYPES of gradual Living's Memory organization which correspond both to summarized Phylogenesis stages (i.e. Evolutionary Progress of Living Organisms) and to Ontogenesis (individual development of a specific living form).
     Linking the Phylogenetic sense of SPECIFIC TYPES of Memory to the model of System "turnover" shown at the Figure (See Fig. 5 ) and (Please, refer to Fig. 4 ), we have a "line" bearing the segments of evolutionary periods in time during which STABLE types of Living Nature Memories have been forming. General movement of the time turnovers TYPICAL evolution form less organized Systems to higher-organized is defined by us as a "beam". Entropy of minimal degrees of organization of this beam still remains unidentified and goes towards mysterious depths of our Galaxy birth. The principle of establishing mutual links of Environment and Object with any organization level of Reflection processes remains the same with only summarized "specific units" of Informative and Energetic parameters of interactions Entropy comprised within the Systems.
     The process of Natural Evolution was defined by us as the Crisis Settlement between the altering ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS and reorganizing CAPABILITIES of the Object within them, which is implemented BY MEANS OF emerging a NEW TYPE OF MEMORY within the OBJECT.

     In view of SUCH a PROBLEM at the current stage of development experienced by EARTH CIVILIZATION necessity of forming NEW ORGANIZATION DEGREES of HUMAN MEMORY, rarely indicating their ACTION in our life, is arising. But it is THEIR mass development which will determine further destiny of Humanity. So, let us make a step towards a near future of our children.

8.  The level of  COSMIC character is a category of the Organism Memory applied to the Entropical Systems of Info-energetic links between Human Life and Space Phenomena;  brightly featuring the ability of outcoming the fruit of Human consciousness beyond the forces of planetary gravitation.  (See Fig. 3)

     The expansion of the scope of influence of this type of Memory is determined with formation and development of NOOSPHERICAL REFLEXE GENDER.


     COSMIC TYPE of Memory does not limit the modern type of human awareness of possible development of the Civilizations.

9. The reasonable limit of comprehension of the accessible to us perfection of the Other Worlds is the next stage of Memory Evolution. We shall call it the UNIVERSE TYPE - which represents the memory of Living Organism comparing the Dynamics of formation and development of the Cosmic Systems of Galactic Nature reflections; essentially inherent is the ability to communicate with Civilization of other origins.

This TYPE of Memory will be determined with ABSOLUTE REFLEXE GENDER, i.e. adequately true reflection of dynamics of Global Principles of Universal Scale in Natural Evolution!

     All the above reasonings about the Evolution of Nature did not touch the aspects of its subdivision into "LIVING" and "DEAD". From the deeply buried past of the people the dispute of location of the "Borders" of the postulate effects of philosophic categories is being held. It is still hard task to take of the "invisibility veil" from this problem. Some scientists state that the "living" commences from the "Cell" of elementary form of life, and others assign it to the primary structures of hydro carbonates possessing the abilities to replicate. This matter is very "vague" and it is very hard to clarify the "mist". Furthermore, if the reasoning over Discussed such two "spirited" definitions as Life and Death are accompanied, the thickness of fog about the opinions becomes complete.
     More or less clear subdivision into LIVING and dead can be made only from the position of Evolutionary model of Reflectory Organization of Memory of Natural Objects. It is still impossible to define a TIME POINT of transfer from forms of DEAD NATURE to LIVING forms, but there is an idea that this subdivision is to be made under the PRINCIPLE of PREVAILING ORIENTATION of the processes of Systematic Interactions between the Object and Environment.

THIS PRINCIPE lies in following:

     To those "DEAD" Objects and Systems are assigned with which ANALYSIS PROCESSES are DOMINATING, and the SYNTHESIS PROCESSES inherent with them are only directed towards periodical maintenance of their stable existence within space and time.

     In "LIVING" category the Objects or Systems should be included to which PREVAILING SYNTHESIS PRINCIPLES of existence are more inherent. At the same time, the ANALYTIC activities share, associated with them is directed towards the provision for reproduction of their similarities.

Without the Vivid Mentality the Universe Would be Dead and Lifeless!
Without Movement it would not Exist at All!

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