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2.1.5   PROGRESS and REGRESSION or the Life Movement alternatives

     "We shall start from a postulate that Natural Objects' Evolution has Principally Identical Stages of its Development: from "out-of-mind" elementary processes of formation of stellar galaxies till the highest Mental Organization of  forthcoming generations! The attempt to create a model of the above statement is undertaken below."

     Suppose, the Entropy (as an universal measure of unknown heterogeneity of material movement distribution), undergoing a certain stage of Evolution is defined by an endless Space Volume combining all the systems of natural interaction (including the human mind in its cognising activities). Splitting the "Suggested" into halves with imaginary horizontal surface (disregarding the borders, most significant is their presence), allow one of them for MACROCOSMS and the remaining part for MICROCOSMS, or - just to simplify - the first is an EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT and the second - an OBJECT (Please, refer to Fig. 3). Then, splitting the same Space in quarters with vertical surface, we obtain "semi-Environment" and "semi-Object". Such a splitting will conditionally divide system Entropy characteristics into CONSUMPTION and PRODUCTION units or, to speak globally - into processes of PREVAILING EMANATION and those of PREVAILING ABSORPTION.
     According to the principle of ENERGY and INFORMATION PRESERVATION no Space can be entropically "empty". Both Environment and Object possess their own "dissimilarities" and "regulators". Generally, the sense of such terms of "Energy" and "Information" determine the dynamical characteristics of natural movement. However, to realize the entire process of Systematic Transformations we must know their static parameters, so as by means of fixed data we shall be able to bring the velocity of working of our mind to useful cooperation in cognition of the "sacred" secrets of natural links between Macro- and Microcosms. The ENTROPY concept helps in this case express the category of static parameters on the applied level of summarization.

     For the proposed "model" there are 4 necessary points within the Source-Consumer System. ( Please, refer to Fig. 1 )

1. Environment impacts
2. Consumed by the Object
3. Object impacts
4. Consumed by Environment

     Suppose, that the Object percepts an indefinite irregularities or dissimilarities of the Environment, i.e. Entropy of its conditions. But, according to the Principle of Systems Limited Developments the perception cannot take place continuously, otherwise the Object will degrade and collapse. Hence, this process has a certain limit which may be described approximately in the form of logarithmic-like correlation.

H = log S(t)

H - is a non-destructive (physical perception) Environment impacts Entropy
t - period of existence of a certain perception System;
S - degree of organization of the System which is defined by a stage of Evolutionary Memory development of residing object.

[S] n = lim [S]n-1 ([T]n evol. );

[T]n evol. - period of time for evolution spent by Nature to achieve a certain (n ) specified;
(n) - System organization degree relatively to previous stage (n-1);
n   - numerical index of Entropy Reflections organization degree relatively to their evolutionary consistence. For living being of our planet n = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,}
 .  (See Fig. 5 ) and (Please, refer to Fig. 4 )

2. ENTROPY of System interactions has two characteristic parameters: Energetic and Informatic. It means that logarithmic diagram must reflect both the "Measure of Energy Dispersion" of the process under consideration and the corresponding "Measure of Informational Uncertainty" of the occurring events. Logarithmic regulations allow us to express the "given" data on the PERCEPTION activities, as below:

1)  enrg. H of obj. = log [S] n (t); 
  with  t > 0 and  [S] n of the object > "1" of System (n-1)

Provided always that the System "lifetime" is positive (> 0) and that the MAJOR degree of the object organization is higher than the evolutionary organization degree of the system being under consideration, i.e. the unit used for energy-informational processing of the perceptable Entropy is more comprehensive (in respect of dissimilarities summarization) of the System unit of reflected impacts.

LIM enrg. H of obj.   (Sn (t) ) = "+" (plus)-infinity ;

This parameter increases steadily from minus-infinite to plus-infinity of Entropical image of the processes under consideration. (Please, refer to Fig. 4 )

2) inf. H of obj. = log [S]n (t);  
   with  t > 0 and 0 < [S]n of the object < "1" of System (n)

Providing that LEADING specific unit of the reflectory capacity of the object is less than energy-informational degree of the System Entropy of the reflection. (Please, refer to Fig. 4 )

LIM inf. H of obj. ( Sn(t) ) = "-" (minus)-infinity ;

Here a smooth decrease of the informational Entropy parameters is observed from max (+) infinity to max (-) infinity of its numerical values. This diagram indicates the conditional measure of definition for a certain Regularity of Environment Entropical impacts.

The terms of "negative" and "positive" Entropy shall be reacted as Entropy of an Object and that of Environment, respectively. The reflections of informational end energetic impacts of the present Entropy is the Object Modelling for Regularity and Dissimulation of its conditions.

Asymmetry of Energetic and Informational characteristics during the process of perception by the Object is related with the definition of quantitative and qualitative efficiency of allowed increase of the System Entropy.

     1. Let us draw our attention to the characteristics of processes preceding the perception, to the "pattern" of distinctive features of the external Environment impacts.
     Basing upon the general provision that the System "lifetime" (t) and specific value, describing the degree of its organization ([S]n > 0), otherwise there is a complete rest, "Death of Movements"; and providing further that the specific degree of System organization is more than the specific unit of the LEADING type of Object organization the Entropical conditions of the Environment may be expressed, as follows (Please, refer to Fig. 4 ):

1)  inf. H environment = exp [S]n (t)

provided  t  >  0 and  [S]n environment  > "1"(specific unit) of the OBJ.(n)

Informative Entropy increases from "zero" point to plus-infinity, i.e. the scale of dissimulation of the external world in which the human mind operates increases to frightening values of uncertainty.

2)  enrg. H env. = exp [S]n (t)

provided  t > 0  and   0 <  [S]n env. <  "1"(specific unit) of the OBJ.(n)

Here the principle exists that the unit degree of the System organization  is positive ( [S]n env. > 0 ), but less than "specific unit" of the LEADING degree of Object organization. Energy Entropy decreases from plus-infinite to zero point, which means in light of external dissimulation's evaluations the "splitting" of external Environment energetic status.

For this point of Cyclic Process in the first case we have an approximate description of the PRINCIPLE OF STEADY INCREASE OF CLOSED SYSTEMS ENTROPY and in the second case the simplified formula of the PRINCIPLE OF DECREASE OPEN SYSTEMS ENTROPY.

3. Let us return back to the possibilities of   Objective Perception. The Entropical values of its "logarithmic" intake of impacting Entropy lie within the scope from minus-infinite to plus-infinite. According to the PRINCIPLE OF LIMITED SYSTEMS' DEVELOPMENT, the process of perception by an Object reaches the evolutionarily provided limit in consuming the energy-informative characteristics of the impacting Entropy. This limit triggers the next stage of processing the Homogenates and Regularities of the occurring events, which can be named as "ASSIMILATION". ASSIMILATION of the perceptible Entropy allows to transform its features into more useful (for the Object) forms of the approximated reflections of reality.
     This process runs under the PRINCIPLE of ASYMMETRICAL MULTIPLE REFLECTION of energetic and informative characteristics of external impacts' Entropy. (Please, refer to Fig. 4 ) Hence, the repeatedly-independent modelling of the Outer World conditions runs within the Object. This point of the Cyclic Process may be described with the formulas:

1)  inf H obj. = - exp [S]n (t)

with t > 0 and 0 < [S]n env. < "specific unit" of OBJ.(n)

lim inf. H obj. ( Sn (t) ) => "mines"- infinity

i.e. here informativity of the energetic characteristics perceptible by the Object is being discovered; in other words, the effect of "Rejecting" of Irregularities and Dissimilations of the external impacts perceptible by the Object. "Negative" values of the Entropy describe the natural condition of the System Objects under the principle of REVERSAL REFLECTION SYMMETRY (taken with negative sign) of the environmental conditions of their location.

2)  enrg. H obj. = - exp [S]n (t)

with  t > 0  and   0 < [S]n env. < "specific unit" of OBJ.(n)

lim enrg.  H obj. ( Sn (t) ) => "0"

i.e. reduction of energy losses of the Entropy perceptible by the Object takes place within this process which is used to master the quantitative values of environment impacts. As we approach the processes of "Object" REPRODUCTION the Energetic Entropy of the Object decreases from - of its energetic store almost to "zero" (efficiency factor of the Object strives to 100 %). This stage of the general CYCLE-PROCESS is already named by us as the PERCEPTION of Environmental external impacts.

4. None of the Objects is able to exist without impacting the environment of its location. It is caused due to the fourth stage of ROUND TURN of the System being under explanation; process of Entropy generation. The characteristics of this process are Asymmetrical relatively to those of CONSUMPTION processes. Such an asymmetry is shown relatively to the border of "vertical" section of the space-time interconnections of the Systematic Phenomena, which may be expressed, as follows:

1) inf. H obj. = - log [S]n (t)

with  t > 0  and   0 < [S]n obj. < "specific unit" of ENV.(n-1)

2)  enrg. H obj. = - log [S]n (t)

with  t > 0  and   0 < [S]n obj. < "specific unit"  of ENV.(n)

Hence, as a consequence of mathematical constructions we again meet an interesting situation - "negative" lifetime of the System. This nuance does not mean that at the stage of REPRODUCTION the Time goes back. The matter is that these processes, making their "contributions" into the environmental "common fund" flow as if in reversal direction in relation to the PERCEPTION processes flow. "Negative" values of the Informative and Energetic values of System Entropy determine the extent of processed regularities (informativity) and dissimulation (energetic capacity) of the Events, experienced by an Object. For the above model there are following conclusions. The Environmental parameters show its "crazy" Losses and Disorder, and the Object characteristic describe the same "crazy" Energetic Capacity and Informativity.

     Mentioning as a remind that such interpretation bears idealized absolute forms of System interactivities in global understanding of the process under discussion, therefore for a specific evolutionary stage of the Objects it can be found that a real System works only using its own Entropy values witting evolutionary pre-defined intervals of mutually dependent existence of the Object and the Environment. Hence, we are coming to considering the "stable" and "wobbly" conditions of the specific System.
     We can see from the Figure, that the charts of Entropical characteristics are crossing. The essence of these CROSSWAYS lies in definition of the boarding conditions of STABLE existence of the CYCLIC PROCESS under consideration. But, first of all, let us clarify the STABILITY problem.
     It lies in maintaining the balance between the Energetic Entropy decrease, i.e. Energetic Capacity increase and asymmetrical decrease of its Informative "image" i.e. the increase in Informativity. Describing the above in a more detailed way, it should be stated that the processes of Absolute PERCEPTION of REPRODUCTION cannot be separated, otherwise the Nature would stop "breathing" which would lead to "death" of its Objects. Therefore we can only judge about the prevailing part played by EITHER of THEM. Hence, it is necessary to consider the described interactions System relatively to the periods of its existence.
     Suppose that the PERCEPTION processes time flows within minus-infinite and plus-infinite limits, where negative values of time describe the PAST of the System under consideration and those positive - its FUTURE. It takes reversed meanings in REPRODUCTIVE processes which run from plus-infinite to minus-infinite. Here "negative" values determine FUTURE and those "positive" define PAST. The matter is that Reproduction is always impacted by previously percepted Energies and Informations, i.e. this process develops backwards relatively to the time of experienced System conditions.
     Applying the principle of structural symmetry of the Energetic and Infomatic Entropy values as well as the principle of functional asymmetry of its conditions towards the directions of time flow, we can define the conditions providing a "feasible" existence for any System.

STABILITY is determined by INFORMATIVE and ENERGETIC BALANCE of Evolutionary-accessible VALUES of Environmental and Object Entropy values which the system is able to embrace. The DESTABILIZATION of the System is described by the VIOLATION of such BALANCE.

The latter is implemented in the form of diversion of the perceptible and reproducible quantities of Energetic and Informational values of the Entropy scoped by the System from their crosspoints. It results in the changes of limits of Entropical allowances for the energy-informative specific units from STABLE conditions of the Degree of Organization stipulated by evolutionary processes. This diversion, in its turn, pushes the System either to a "New Life", or to "Death".

System's "Death" occurs when the four-stage processes of Turnovers go beyond the maximally allowed values of evolutionarily accessible specific units of Informativity or Energetic Capacity of the processed Entropy. "New Life" of the System is subject to the potentially possible diversions of operated specific units of Informative and Energetical Entropy used by it, which is restricted within moments of coincidence between "pure" energy-entopical, of "pure" info-entropical System cycles. (Please, refer to Fig. 4 ).

This diversion construes either the reason for its PERFECTION ("Progress" - Latin meaning of moving ahead, advance), or SIMPLIFICATION ("Regress" - reversal movement, moving backwards in Latin).

     REGRESS occurs under influence of the Principle of Closed Systems Entropy Increase and the PROGRESS occurs on the basis of the Principle of Open Systems Entropy Decrease and the Principle of Systems Evolutionary Competition. The effects of these Processes are determined by the Sixth Principle of Entropical Evolution of Nature, which we have quoted, as below:

or System Entropy Evolution and Involution: 


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